Monday, June 27, 2011

Dandi Wins in Orlando!

June 25, 2011 - Dandi (Elsto Khariz Dandelion Wine) takes the points and Best of Winners at Central Florida Kennel Club under Ms. Robin K. Riel. Congratulations to Cody and Dandi!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Champion!!

June 12, 2011 - This just in!!! Norwegian Ch. Elsto Khariz Dina has finished her American championship in Chicago. Congratulations to Dina and Rachel Irvin on Dina's new title.

Sighthound Weekend in Norway

The results from the Sighthound Specialty weekend in Norway were very exciting for Elsto and Khariz.

Day One, June 11, 2011, was hosted by the Norwegian Greyhound Club and judged by Bitte Ahrens from Italy.
In Salukis:
After a long absence from the ring, Yaffa, Ch. Omen Yaffa to Elsto-Khariz JC, returns to win Best Bitch and Best of Breed. Mamma Yaffa is also BIS 3.
Her daughter, Elsto Afareen-Khariz, wins the CC
Her son, Elsto Atif-Khariz, also wins the CC

In Afghans:
Ch. Elsto Khariz Amazing Amanda wins Best of Breed and goes on to finish the day by winning Best In Show! Congratulations

Day Two, June 12, 2011, was hosted by the Norwegian Sighthound Club and was judged by Henrik Harling from Sweden.
In Salukis:
Yaffa is Best of Breed again!
Her children also repeat their wins of the day before.

In Afghans:
Ch. Amanda again is Best of Breed and is BIS 2 behind Norway's top winning Greyhound and top winning dog all breeds.

Fantastic showing and congratulations to all!!

Saluki National in Lexington, Kentucky

June 6 through 10, 2011
Little Lashes - Omen Cee Candace Khariz - makes her debut at the Saluki National. In Sweepstakes she placed second behind her sister, Callie, in a large class of 15 to 18 month old bitches.

In the regular 15 to 18 month class, Lashes was fourth in a strong class of lovely bitches.

Thank you to judges Kevin Carlson and Stephen Wailes for these honors.

Yaffa's mom, Ch. Omen Ulla Bint Safran Monab (Beagle) won a very large 10 to 12 year Veteran Bitch class and ended the show by receiving an Award of Merit out of 100 plus champions. What a thrill to see this beautiful bitch shown by her owner to these awards. Thank you to Stephen Wailes.
Beagle showed her brood bitch qualities as well this National by placing 2nd in a gorgeous brood bitch class. Her daughter Yonna won the Novice class and daughter Ariel won an Award of Merit. In addition to these exciting wins, Beagle's daughter Yaffa wows them in Norway. See next blog entry.